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2016.09.10 「ZEPP TOKYO 1日目」 [Oct. 19th, 2016|07:38 am]

2016.09.10 「ZEPP TOKYO 1日目」Collapse )
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Happy happy 34th anniversary💕 [Oct. 9th, 2016|08:36 pm]

Hugs to my honey bunny Leigh for
being a wonderful partner for 34 years .. Time flies

Had a nice dinner with my folks at our favorite restaurant http://szechuanmichigan.com/

Getting ready to watch the debate -I took this picture LAST YEAR
Man, this election has been too damn long & depressing )

(A Donald Trump pumpkin at a Hospital Halloween display when my Aunt was in the hospital )
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2016.09.05 「ZEPP SAPPORO 2日目 [Sep. 28th, 2016|12:17 pm]




2016.09.05 「ZEPP SAPPORO 2日目」Collapse )
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2016.09.03 「ZEPP SAPPORO 1日目」 [Sep. 28th, 2016|09:12 am]
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会場に入り、早速 HYDEが確認していたのは。。 。
2016.09.03 「ZEPP SAPPORO 1日目」Collapse )
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THC makes the difference [Sep. 3rd, 2016|01:29 pm]
Leigh Gave my Mom a new batch of Cannabis crackers -higher in THC
Christine started giving them to her on Thursday night

I called my Dad on Friday & my mom picked up the phone & talked with us. She hadn't done that in months

The previous crops he grew had diminishing levels of THC /. I use it for appetite / pain & noticed it wasn't doing much for me.
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Vamps times 29 [Jul. 19th, 2016|09:03 pm]
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Vamps Times 29 SpamCollapse )
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Roentgen revealed [Jul. 8th, 2016|06:40 pm]
My Dr said my XRay was fine - I still have pain when I breathe

Yesterday I did a lot of running around -took Buddy on a therapy visit with my aunt & went shopping for my folks

My Aunt was awake so we had a nice visit - she smiled as Buddy licked her like crazy and layed down next to her

Dad was in a good mood yesterday & today

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Roentgen & Dr visit [Jul. 6th, 2016|05:11 pm]
Took my Mom to her nuerologist follow up. The Dr wants us to try another drug ~ Aricept left her a zombie. I have seen her mental decline ~ but the cannabis crackers seem to always help https://www.salk.edu/news-release/cannabinoids-remove-plaque-forming-alzheimers-proteins-from-brain-cells/

My Mom could not perform the Math test ~ & didnt know the date but thia is not new. She was able to perform a drawing test.
She loves watching the Barbara Streisand movie "Funny Girl"

It is so hard on my Dad & he is often complaining on how difficult she is. He has said maybe she should be in a nursing home. I don't think my Mother is being difficult - he just has lost all his patience & often refuses help from Christina (the wonderful gal who lives with my folks) - Leigh took my Dad with him to his church a few weeks ago & he really enjoyed it.

After my Mom's neurological appointment I went to get my chest Xrayed - last week I was reaching into a tall garbage can to reach the garbage bag at the bottom & I had a ring of keys in my top pocket that poked me Super hard when I reach in. It knocked the wind out of me.. a few days later I noticed having a lot of pain on my left side & when I breathed in or coughed. The pain has been waking me up at night- Hopefully it's nothing serious..but with osteoporosis I never know..
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Independence day [Jul. 4th, 2016|06:00 pm]

アメリカ独立記念日おめでとうございます!Collapse )
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Our houseguest [May. 29th, 2016|08:05 am]
My brother in law's fiancé had surgery last Sunday & we've been keeping DeeDee for a bit

She's just a little peanut! So adorable

It's been really warm & humid & our air conditioning wasn't working -so I contacted a local company to install a new a/c & furnace. Come to realize it was a problem with our electric meter connected to our A/C. DTE (electric/Gas service provider) called us after midnight so we would unlock our gate)
It was startling to get a call that late but I was grateful for the A/C in 85% humidity
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